Henceforth, I shall be known as the “Freezer-Key Lady”

Weird things are happening…

I found my keys in the freezer yesterday morning. I have nothing in the freezer except bread and a half-empty carton of sorbet. Why were they there? I have no idea…

I walked into a door. It would make things slightly less embarrassing if said door were one of those glass automatic ones but no – I’m talking solid, wooden, fire door.

I play video games in my down time and a few nights ago I realised I had been providing a full-on walkthrough commentary for an empty room. (“Leather gloves of wielding? I have no idea what you do but I will take you, I will wear you and I will love you.”)

The reason for my ever increasing hunch that my life is one big hallucination? I have been at my University for over three weeks… without a break.

I don’t think I’ve ever truly realised just how important rest actually is. Even though sometimes my weekend visits only last for a few hours, the knowledge that I’ve been there is enough. I haven’t been able to take a step back and concentrate on something else and it’s that mental break that’s important.

But sometimes taking that whole day away from things is just impossible. Sometimes things change on you last minute. Sometimes you get buried under mountains of unexpected paperwork and red tape. Sometimes you find yourself singing “just keep swimming” to an empty laboratory.

It’s at those moments that you start finding keys in weird places.

However I still have plans for this blog (and here’s the point of this post)! I really want to tell you all about why I’m slowly losing the plot and I really want to explain a bit of fun science-y stuff. I’ve also got an interview in the works with someone I find super interesting and I’m sure you will too.

Stay tuned! Once the craziness dies down, this blog will explode.

You know… metaphorically.


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