The Sideshow

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before (in my astonishing 7 whole posts!), I’m a part of a lab group at the University of Technology, Sydney. It’s called “C3” which is either a clever reference to photosynthetic processes or it stands for the “Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Cluster”.

Or, you know, it could be both.

I work with a whole pile of amazingly talented scientists; some are what we call “gods” of their fields, others are professors, teachers, researchers, technical officers and students. I belong to that last category and from what I’ve seen it’s a pretty sweet place to be. I currently share an office with about ten other students studying everything from biofuels to the physics of oxygen flux.

Talking to them, I can’t help but be blown away by their knowledge and their love of their chosen subjects (disregarding those times when they’re either banging their heads against a wall or audibly cracking under the pressure of the latest deadline). We all approach our studies in completely different ways with different priorities and outcomes.

So I thought I’d ask them if they’d like to share their experiences with you and I was pleasantly surprised a lot of them said “sure”.

I really hope you find this series as interesting as I do and I hope I can communicate their interviews in a way that makes you want to listen. First cab off the rank? Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow (hopefully) I give you, in two parts, Miss Charlotte Robinson.

Stay tuned 🙂


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