Less Than Half a Percent

According to curiosity.com (a Discovery channel initiative), less than half a percent of the world’s oceans has been discovered. Less than half a percent.

I find that incredibly difficult to wrap my head around. Just like I find it extremely difficult to wrap my head around the sheer size of some of the things that live down there. At a recent TED talk, Edith Widder, an oceanographer, presented the first footage of the Giant Squid to EVER be caught on camera. This creature is huge (as the name suggests), but I didn’t realise just how big. Edith says that the Squid filmed was about the size of a two story house.


Anyway, while you all wait for me to get my act together and post the rest of Charlie’s interview (which I will do soon!), have a look at this. It is truly unbelievable.



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