The mighty, marvellous, magnanimous, miraculous miracle berry

If you’re a fan of the British TV show, QI, you’ve probably heard of the Miracle Berry. Synsepalum dulcificicum has been used in Western Africa for generations, to make harsh, acidic foods taste like they’ve been dipped in sugar. A few days ago, I got to try some and let me tell you, there is nothing more brain-twisty than lifting a slice of lemon to your mouth fully expecting your face to be turned inside out, but then all you taste is sherbet.

It’s weird. Here’s how it works.

Also please forgive the video quality – the more I venture into this area of media communications, the more I learn about how to frame a shot (… or not, as you’ll see), lighting, flow and a whole pile of other things I want to make better the next time I make a video. I had a blast creating this though so I call that a win. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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