To my dear, valued and loved four subscribers to this languishing blog.

I’m back!

Which can only mean one thing: I’VE HANDED IN MY THESIS!


and done

That’s right; that glorious image is me holding it. It was tangible. It existed. It was done.

Of course, I can’t really jump the gun just yet. There’s still a bunch of editing left to do once my anonymous examiners get back to me with comments and changes but submitting the thing is huge.

So what now?

Well for one thing, you’ll get to see this face some more. Focusing on my thesis was the right choice but I missed writing here. I’ve missed writing about things that interest me, things that are exciting, things that make you laugh and writing for its own sake. I’ve loved dabbling with science communication so much that I’m going back to University for another year (I know! Don’t look at me like that. After this year, that’s it. I promise) to study how to do it properly. Until November, I’ll be studying with the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University (ANU), learning all about exhibition design, new media, science writing and how to use these to effectively communicate complex concepts to a non-scientific audience. It’s a lot trickier than it looks, I’m discovering… not to mention exceedingly out of my comfort zone.

And so this blog is going to turn into my chance to practise skills I’ll learn throughout this year… and to brag about how my homework for tonight was to learn and perfect the art of balloon animals. My life is hard.


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